Who is Felix Helander?

I am based in Lund, south Sweden, where I am  providing Independent Intelligence since 2009 as Helander Consulting AB,
I offer my services as a freelancing marketing and strategy consultant to the Food & Beverage and the Consumer Packaging industries.

Felix Helander

I have a strong marketing and strategy background, with long experience from both strategic and operational marketing roles in the Packaging and Food/Beverage industries.

During my now 35 years in these industries I have worked throughout the value chain, gaining experience from brand owners to retailing to packaging.

In this I have been commercially responsible for food/beverage products in all preservation categories, frozen, chilled and ambient. I have, both as user and provider, worked with all packaging materials (metal, carton/board, glass and plastics) and covered all main product areas; Food/Beverage, Cosmetics, Home care, Personal care and Pharmaceutical/Medical.

I have during my career worked through all areas of marketing: market research, operational marketing and strategic marketing. I have also more than 20 years of international business experience.

To this I can add that I am a trained Business Coach and have a green belt in Six Sigma.

Examples of recent Helander Consulting projects

  • Optimization of beverage packaging solutions
  • Evaluation of new printing technology for packaging
  • Workshops around future packaging needs, cross industrial
  • Developing an internal organisation around packaging solutions
  • Validation of a new packaging product
  • Developing export markets
  • Reports about future possibilities within the packaging industry
  • Testing new business ideas or a second opinion on a due diligence

Examples of customers: Euromonitor, IKEA, Lantmännen, SCA, Smithers Pira, Tetra Pak…

Examples of recent reports (most of them for Smithers-Pira)

Please contact me on fh@indintel.com or +46 73 408 75 90.

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