The ideal packaging?

What is the best packaging for your product?

This is a challenging question as the optimal packaging solution is depending on your product and what it is supposed to perform. To protect, position, distribute, support the use the product in question, etc. But there is an answer.

Neutral support in finding the right packaging solution for your product!

Packaging Overview

An overview of suitable packaging solutions, including pros and cons. All from a neutral point of view .

Packaging optimizing

Score & Explore is a unique method for working out the optimal packaging solution for a specific product or product line.


A packaging coach offers continuous support in finding optimal packaging solutions, available when needed.

Packaging Report
– The Swedish Packaging Industry
An overview and analysis of the recent 5 years

Extensive experience

I am Felix Helander and I am offering neutral support based on my experience from the packaging industry and from the food/beverage industry.

During my career I have been working with all kinds of packaging from various points of the value chain. I.e. both as producer of and as user of packaging and also from grocery retail.

I have experience from all kinds of packaging materials and categories and also all preservation methods within the food industry.

I am now offering my support in finding the right packaging solution for your product.


Please contact me on or +46 73 408 75 90.