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Competition is fierce at POS with more demanding consumers, globalization and private labels increasing their shares. The informed consumers are demanding more convenient, organic, environmentally sound products than ever.

This together with a fast growing e-commerce share makes marketing and positioning more important than ever before. This takes a continuous fine tuning of a product or concept where packaging could prove to be an underdeveloped asset. It is time to utilise the packaging and unleash its potential advantage.

An Action Plan

To optimize the packaging solution I have developed a model, Score & Explore, based on my experience from the industry. Using a simple and well thought through model we will analyse the big picture and from there identify the details that will make a change. We will together work out a packaging strategy and a focused action plan.

The Model

Score & Explore is a three step model where we work together to improve packaging solutions. The situation could be a total makeover of a product line or a fine tuning of a single product, or anything in between. It consists of three steps in two parts, first the Workshop followed by the Action Plan.

A. The workshop

1. The Assessment. Together we explore the Fifteen Fields of Packaging possibilities to establish where are the opportunities for a product or for a line. We establish the strengths and weaknesses to prioritise and address the actual issues.

2. The Focus Issues. In the next stage we drill into the identified issues in order to determine what the options are for each product. The alternatives must be weighed against competition, consumer and distribution demands, etc.

B. The Action Plan


3. The Strategy. The workshop will result in a prioritised list of issues from which a plan is worked out for how address them. The plan or the strategy will focus on how to use packaging in the best possible way to drive sales and consumer satisfaction while minimizing cost.

The result is a plan to improve your packaging solutions to better meet market demands and competition. Working with packaging involves many dimensions and this is a way to give structure to a complex situation and focus the resources on the best opportunities.


Please contact me on or +46 73 408 75 90. 


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