My services

Packaging Overview


It is quite a challenge to keep up with the fast developing packaging scene. It is hard to get the overview over what is available and the impact on my product. What are my options and who is doing what?

  • Are you a producer/filler of food or beverages and are looking at what packaging alternatives are available and what are the pros and cons?

Question: What reasonable packaging alternatives are available for my product?

Response: I will compile an independent and bespoke overview based on your product and the specific supply chain.

Packaging Optimizing


A packaging solution is made unique by varying size, colour and design. But to position a product also dimensions like material, message, functionality, etc. must be aligned. We are looking at a specific product or a line of products and evaluate all possible alternatives to find the best solution for a product?

  • We are going through all performance points demanded from the packaging, we compare and prioritise. I am using a model based on my experience from the industry, “Score & Explore”. It will swiftly lead to an action plan.

Question: What is the best packaging solution for my product?

Response: I will put together a tailor-made action plan for your product or a series of products.

Packaging Coach

I am available as neutral support in packaging related projects. As project leader, strategy planner, sounding board or as market analyst.

  • This can be small questions with short answers or a longer period of coaching, when needed.

Question: We would need a second opinion in this project, or we need a specialist to get further in this project. Or it could be a need for support through a project.

Response: I will support your current work with packaging issues.

The Focused Workshop


We are addressing the challenges ahead and work out a “Road Map” describing a possible scenario and what the organisation needs to do to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

  • I am using the ”Industrial Road Map” model to structure and identify actual market drivers. From here we go into particular solutions resulting from the market demand. Finally we run through the technologies enabling the solutions. The result is a “Road Map” and an action list guiding us through future developments.

Question: How will future market demands and technology affect my product portfolio?

Response: We will work out a ”Road Map” that will be a foundation for a strategic plan.

The Packaging Strategy


Packaging is a relatively large part of the total cost for a finished product and normally involves long term production investments. The packaging is also determining the logistics alternatives not to mention the implications for marketing. It quickly pays off to allocate time to build a long term plan to optimise the packaging solution.

  • Here I will support the work on building up a strategic plan where we consider the latest developments in your field but also include possible future packaging advances.

Question: How do we optimise the packaging issue on a long term?

Response: I will support you in developing a long term packaging  strategy for your products.


Please contact me on or +46 73 408 75 90. 


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