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The Swedish Packaging Industry

A unique report covering the packaging industry, in Sweden.

This is a report entirely about the Swedish packaging industry. Until now there hasn’t been an updated compilation of the current status of the packaging industry available. This industry is often, when it comes to statistics, consolidated with other industries and therefore “invisible”.

Where it is today, how it got here and where it’s heading.

The report explains the packaging industry and how it has developed from a revenue, profitability and employment perspective.

In the report is also a description of some of the forces and trends that will shape the industry, both on short and long term.

The reports is ordered by sending an e-mail to,
The price is SEK 3500 or €350 (plus VAT) and is delivered as a PDF.

600 companies in total
The Swedish packaging industry is diverse and heterogenous which makes it a challenge to describe, from a practical point of view. It is after all around 600 companies who together constitutes the industry.

Some of them are relatively unknown while others are leading in their field. Some of the largest are here listed.

Segmentation according to material
The report gives a picture of what the industry looks like as a total but also split into segments.

The segmentation is built on the packaging materials Fibre, Plastics, Glass and Metal. To this is added the segments Labels/Markers and Packaging machines. The Fibre segment is further split up in producers of raw material and the converters.

Trends and going forward
The future of the packaging industry will be affected by some of the strong trends of today that have a potential to grow even stronger tomorrow. In the report three of these are discussed from a packaging point of view.

Online shopping is fast increasing with huge consequences for the packaging industry. Material recycling is another area that is growing in importance as it becomes crucial to recycle used packaging in a well-structured way. Smart packaging will play a much bigger role when technology develops get more affordable and spread.

The Swedish packaging industry – an overview
The report covers the recent years and what will influence further developments, both in short and long term. The report consists of 50 pages with more than 50 graphs and tables and gives a picture of what the industry looks like and how it has performed during the recent 5 years, 2014 – 2018.  

The reports is ordered by sending an e-mail to,
The price is SEK 3500 or €350 (plus VAT) and is delivered as a PDF.


Chapter 1, Introduction, Report structure, Definitions

Chapter 2, Analysis of the total Swedish packaging industry with focus on size, profitability and the workforce

Chapter 3, Analysis and presentation of the segments. Carton producers, Carton converters, Glass packaging, Labels and Markers, Packaging Machines, Metal packaging, Plastic packaging and Wood packaging.

Chapter 4, Consolidation, an overview of the degree of consolidation within the packaging industry and a summary of the latest developments.

Chapter 5, The International perspective, a short summary of the global situation. A summary of the 15 largest packaging corporations.

Chapter 6, 2019 and ahead, what is shaping the packaging industry in the short term, economic cycles. And in the long term, industrial tends.

Chapter 7, Online shopping and packaging. E-commerce is developing fast, perhaps faster than packaging for e-commerce. But things are happening.

Chapter 8, Sustainability and recycling. Increased focus on sustainability from a material recycling perspective.

Chapter 9, What makes packaging SMART? What is smart packaging and why are they important to the industry?

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