Packaging Strategy

The packaging is becoming a more important part of the brand experience and in consumer communication. Increased competition and a wider range of choice for the average consumer makes the packaging critical at point of sale but also for those who are handling the item along the way to the shelf. Both transport and consumer handling.

Packaging Strategy – Packaging Coach

A well developed packaging strategy is needed both when improving existing packaging solutions and when a new product is launched. A minimum requirement is a plan for maintaining and improving your position at POS and with the end-consumer.

You will need to consider your packaging solution from at least five separate angles.

Production – line fit, speed, cost, etc.

Distribution – handling, protect the product, stack ability, etc.

In-store – grab attention, instill confidence, identifiable, etc. but also stocking, stacking, handling

In-home – convenient use and store and conveying the needed information

On-the-go – convenient to carry, use and dispose

Using the Score & Explore model to develop your strategy will give you an action plan for how to optimise your packaging solution and position your offer against competition.

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