Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is based on a systematic and continuous monitoring and analysis of the marketing environment. This is easier said than done but I am happy to give you a hand in the process, as an MI coach.




Market Intelligence – MI Coach

Building up or fine-tuning a MI function within a company

  • I have been responsible for the Market Intelligence function in three different international organisations. Twice I have built up a MI function from the bottom. This experience has resulted in some best practices that I am happy to share. Let me know where you want to go and I am certain that I can give some advice to reach the goals faster and to a lower cost.

Participating in MI projects together with internal staff

  • I have a wide and broad experience of Market Intelligence related projects (see list). You can use my services as a support to an internal project where I will function as an extra member of the team. My presence will also give the second opinion from the outsider with no internal links.

Leading and conducting a MI project

  • Often I am assigned a separate project that I take responsibility for on my own or together with a team made up from my network of specialists. This saves your own resources and I deliver the needed decision support with a presentation and a discussion. Recent examples of projects include:
      • Identifying business opportunities for a new packaging material
      • Marketing due diligence for a major aquisition
      • Analysis and predicting of industry developments
      • Etc.

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