Market Intelligence and Packaging Strategy

Unleash the Power of Packaging 

Competition is getting fiercer at point of sale. The number of items stocked is growing, private labels are increasing their share. The consumers are demanding more convenient, organic, environmentally sound products than ever. Distribution must be logistically maximised and cost minimised. On top of this competition has become truly international.

All this makes marketing more important than ever before and a continuous fine tuning of the concept is necessary. Now is a good time to focus and make the most of the packaging solution and unleash the potential advantage. We need a well thought through packaging strategy to improve the situation.

We are normally asking quite a lot from a packaging solution. And we should because it offers a solution to a long list of demands. It is supposed to:

1. Protect the content, the product

2. Work in the existing production or filling line, speed, size, etc.

3. Promote and sell the product at point of sales, to make it stand right out

4. Make the product unique and identifiable, at p.o.s. in a split second…

5. Support the consumer in using the product, opening, closing, pouring, etc.

6. Either be reusable for the consumer or fit into an existing waste stream

7. Of course meet legal requirements and demands

8. And last but not least, keep the total cost for production and distribution down

To manage and maximize most of the above you need to pin point the strengths and weaknesses and build an action plan. Either if it is a complete makeover or a fine tuning.

Me tinyHere is where I come in, I have over time developed a model, Score & Explore for how to create and develop a strategy and a concrete action plan to achieve the optimal, from your perspective, solution to your packaging needs.

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