Ask me about Market Research

Market Research and Intelligence                                              Svenska

I have a solid background in Market Research and Market Intelligence. Both from the market research institute side and as buyer/user of research in various roles in the industry. Today I take on market research projects of various kinds. It is all about Decision Support.


Desk research  I am frequently producing reports to clients who need to have either a better market overview or detailed knowledge of a market, segment or similar. I then use my own experience together with existing data to get to the intelligence required.

InterviewQualitative interviews  Often you need more than secondary data. You need to combine the information with viewpoints from stakeholders and knowledgeable people. It could be a market assessment, a customer satisfaction survey or something else. I will establish contacts for an in-depth interview.

Quantitative surveys  Quant

If you need more respondents than is convenient to handle with face-to-face interviews I use available tools to reach out to a larger number of people. It is a way to reach many respondents in an efficient way. You can then create segments and cross-tabulate the results for more information.

If you want to discuss a market research project or get advice on best practice please contact me on or on +46 73 408 75 90.