What’s the best packaging for a product?

A challenging question but there is an answer!                                               Svenska

What packaging is the best for your product is obviously depending on your product and what you want to do with it. How to protect, position, distribute, use it etc.

I am offering neutral support in finding the right packaging solution for your product.


My offer includes:

The Packaging Solution Overview. I am putting together an overview of suitable packaging solutions and go through the advantages and disadvantages with each of them.  All from a neutral point of view and from your company’s perspective.

Optimizing a specific product. I have developed a unique method, Score & Explore, for working out the optimal packaging solution for a specific product or product line. Both for today and for a longer term.

The Focused Workshop. I am structuring and leading a workshop where we together address your challenges and work out a ”road map” for the way ahead.

The Packaging Strategy. I will support your work building up a long term and strategic packaging plan.

The Packaging Coach. I am the packaging coach who on a continuous base supports you in finding the optimal packaging solutions, available when you need the support.

The Speaker. I am happy to speak about packaging solutions, trends etc. at seminars and conferences.

I am offering a neutral answer based on my experience from the packaging industry but also from the food/bev industry. During my now career I have been working with all kinds Felixof packaging, most of them from different points in the value chain. I.e. both as producer and as user of packaging and also from grocery retail.

I have experience from all kinds of packaging materials and categories and also all preservation methods within the food industry.

I have a both wide and deep experience from packaging solutions but I have also a unique network of knowledgeable people. As a consequence of a long industry focused and international work. If I don’t have the answer I probably know who will.

Please contact me on fh@indintel.com or +46 73 408 75 90. IndIntel


About packintel

I provide marketing and strategy consulting plus market intelligence. Significant and international experience from consumer packaging and the food & beverage industry. For more information please visit https://independent-intelligence.com/
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